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  About DNA Surname Projects

Starting Out. There are five things you need to do to run a DNA Surname Project:

  1. decide to start a project
  2. create objectives
  3. choose one or more testing centers
  4. recruit participants
  5. manage the project

Beginnings. In late 2003, I asked my grandfather to take a genealogical DNA test, which he did. On 01 February 2004, I started DNA Surname Projects for both the REIN and GOTTESMAN surnames. Shortly thereafter I started the WANDERER project. In March 2004, the PÖLLINGER project got underway. In 2007, the ARKIN & ORKIN project was launched, and well as the MERZLANOVICH project. In 2010, the VORHERR and SCHOTTLER projects were launched. Each project has its own goals and details:

Additional Projects. If there is an interest, this site will also host:

  • The Kauth Surname Project
  • The Ahns Surname Project
  • The Weishapel/Weishapple/Weishäupl Surname Project
  • The Cantor Surname Project (currently exists)
  • The Weber Surname Project (currently exists)

Additional Objectives. Other objectives of the projects include:

  • identifying other people to whom you are related
  • discovering living relatives around the world
  • proving or disproving theories regarding ancestry
  • determining ancestoral homeland
  • finding locations for further genealogical research
  • validating existing research
  • solving "brick walls" in genealogical research

Participation. Participation in the Surname Projects can come in many forms. First and foremost, we need direct male line descendants who are willing to take a painless DNA test at home. You will receive special project pricing for your participation. Please feel free to read more information about the testing centers.

Further Participation. If you are not a direct male line descendant or are not comfortable taking a genealogical DNA test at this time, you can still participate by:

  • sponsoring a test for someone who can't afford it
  • helping to recruit new members
  • helping to research the various participating lineages

Additional Information. To learn more, please select from one of the following links:


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