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Surname Projects. The only people who can participate in Y-DNA testing are men bearing the relavant surname (WANDERER, REIN, GOTTESMAN, PÖLLINGER/POELLINGER, ARKIN/ORKIN, or VORHERR) or men who have reason to believe that a direct male-line ancestor bore the relevant surname.

Y-DNA Tests. Y-DNA testing can be conducted on 12-67 markers. The greater number of markers increases the accuracy of family matching. I highly recommend DNA Heritage's 43-marker test or Family Tree DNA's 67-marker test because they are more precise and economical, but a 12, 23, 25, or 37 marker test can be upgraded at a later date for an additional fee. Women cannot take a Y-DNA test, but they can ask their brother, father, uncle or direct male-line cousin to take the test. Only one person in your family needs to take the test. Y-DNA testing will tell you about your father's father's father's father's (etc.) ancestry.

mtDNA Tests. There are currently two mtDNA tests available. Anyone can take the regular mtDNA test or the mtDNAPlus test, which increases the number of base pairs studied. Testing mtDNA will tell you about your mother's mother's mother's mother's (etc.) ancestry.

Update: As of June 2004, we are now offering Surname testing from two different facilities. You may choose which one best suits your needs.

Pricing at DNA Heritage. Genealogical DNA testing via DNA Heritage ranges from $138 to $189 per person depending on how many markers are tested. This lab is less expensive per marker but will only store your DNA a short time.

  • option 1: $5.99 per marker, minimum of 23 markers .... $137.77 and up
  • option 2: 43 markers at a 23% discount .... $189   <-- recommended

Pricing at Family Tree DNA. Genealogical DNA testing via Family Tree DNA ranges from $99 to $395 per person depending on which tests are being conducted, and includes long-term storage of your DNA. The following pricing is discounted only for Surname Project participants.

  • Y-DNA12: 12 markers .... $99
  • Y-DNA25: 25 markers .... $124
  • Y-DNA37: 37 markers .... $119   <-- recommended
  • Y-DNA37: 67 markers .... $218   <-- recommended
  • Y-DNA12+mtDNA paternal & maternal ancestry .... $179
  • Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus: paternal & maternal ancestry .... $199
  • Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus: paternal & maternal ancestry .... $308
  • mtFullSequence ("Mega") .... $395

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