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The Wanderer Surname Project

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Surname Variations. This project is open to all variations, such as:

For Winder, please see the Winder Wonderland DNA Project.

This project currently includes the following surnames:

Surname Values. The surname WANDERER has the following phonetic encoding values:

Goals. The goal of the Wanderer Surname Project is to find connections between Wander(er) families and to continue genealogical research. Specifically, we are also trying to discover if the four main branches of German Wanderer's are related (more on this below).

Additional Objectives. Other objectives include:

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Frequency. This table shows how many tests were ordered each year:

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The Book. No discussion of Wanderer genealogy can occur without mention of a wonderful book published in 1951:

This book includes four separate Wanderer lineages in Germany, which we hope to establish with genealogical DNA testing.

The Four Wanderer Lines. The four principal Wanderer lines identified in the book are:

Original Books. Apparently 500 copies of this book were originally published, and most were given to people who aided Alwin Wanderer in his research. Copies are available in various genealogical libraries, including the Sutro Library in San Francisco. Alwin's book is available as call number 929.273 W182w through the Family History Library system of the Mormon church. It is also on microfilm as film number 1320654 item 9. Alwin Eugene John Wanderer's book is available as a in pdf on CD-Rom at amazon.com.

Family Crest. In common usage, people use the terms "family crest" and "coat of arms" interchangeably. "Since coats of arms were registered to individuals, not families, several family members could theoretically qualify to have their own arms design. To identify the different arms designs as part of the same family, they chose a crest image and all displayed the same crest." [source] "A 'coat of arms' (full achievement) generally refers to the shield, crest, helmet, mantling and supporters (if any), while the 'crest' technically only refers to the small image that lies on the helm (top of the helmet). A coat of arms that bears a name was originally bestowed to an individual." [source]


The Wanderer Coat of Arms. The Wanderer coat of arms was conferred upon Elias Wanderer and Georg Wanderer and their cousins Georg Wanderer and Ambrosius Wanderer in 1599. A reprint was granted to Elias Wanderer and his sons Johannes Wanderer and Heinrich Wanderer in 1623. According to the book, the original coat of arms is in "the Industrial Museum in Gablonz." A color plate of this coat of arms is in Alwin's book.

Wander Genealogy. House of Names identifies two coat of arms for the Wander family -- one German and one English. Either Wander Armorial History with Coat of Arms can be purchased from the site. Information about one of the participating Wander families can be found at the 2009 archive of www.wander.co.il .

Family Association. The Wander- und Wanderer- Familienverein e.V. can be found at www.wander-wanderer.de (currently not working). Further information about the Crottendorf Line (see below) can be found at www.familie-wanderer.de .

Financial Information. The Wanderer Surname Project is a private undertaking for personal interest. This is not a commercial venture. No remuneration is received by any of the participants nor the project director. Participants are responsible for the purchase of a DNA test kit from Family Tree DNA. If funds become available in the future, reimbursements for testing shall be made on the basis determined by the body donating such funds.

Links provided on this page are provided for information purposes only. The project director does not endorse or recommend the products in any way and receives no renumeration for providing these links.

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