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The Merzlanovich Project

Goal: The goal for the Merzlanovich Surname Project is to identify which Merzlanovich / Merslanovich / Merzlanovitch /
Merslanovitch / Merzlanovits families are related.

Additional Objectives:   Other objectives include:

Origin: All know Merzlanovich families come from what was Oszlop, Sopron, Hungary and is now Oslip, Burgenland, Austria.

All known Merzlanovich descendants are traced to 4 families:

Jakob Merzlanovich and Maria Jaksich

Mathias Merzlanovich and Maria Jankovich

Thomas Schumich and Elisabeth Merzlanovits

Georg Merzlanovich and Maria Jaksits

Each couple had at least one child that married a child of one of the other couples.

There are also records for:

Catherina Merzlanovits, daughter of Joanes Merzlanovits and Maria Bubits.

Thomas and Franciscus Merzlanovich, sons of Joanes Merzlanovich and Magdalena Pilich.

Helena Merzlanovich, daughter of Petri Merzlanovich and Theresia Calonorum.

Helena Merzlanovich, daughter of Matyas Merzlanovich and Juliana Merzlanovich.

Surname Variations: All variations are welcome to participate, including Merzlanovich, Merslanovich, Merzlanovitch, Merslanovitch, Merzlanovits, Merzlanovitz, Merslanovich, Merslanvich, Merslanvitch, Mrslanowits, Merslanowits, Merslanovits, Merslanovitz, Mislenovich, and Mislanovich. Alternate spellings include Marcelovitch, Muslanovitch, Maslanowich, Marslanovich, Marslomavich, and Merslanvitch.

Descendant Surnames: Schumich/Schumits/Schumitsch, Zsabetich, Prüner, Grill, Schuster, Follner, Walczer/Walzer, Jagsich, Schindler, Barilich, Kotlar, Ribich, Bilkovich, Wilkovich/Welkovich, Werkovich, and Fusek.


Financial Information: The Merzlanovich Surname Project is a private undertaking for personal interest. This is not a commercial venture. No remuneration is received by any of the participants nor the project director.

DNA Project:   If you are interested in participating in the genealogical DNA testing project, please contact Rachel for discount pricing or learn more about ordering.

If you are unable to participate (because you are not a direct line male descendant) you can:

Surname Frequency: Merzlanovich is a very uncommon name. There are 127 Merzlanovich listings in the transcribed church records at familysearch.org.

No one with Merzlanovich or a similarly spelled surname is currently listed in the Austrian phone book or Hungarian phone book. There are 8 listings for Berzlanovich and 2 listings for Werslanovits. No one with Merzlanovich or a similarly spelled surname is currently listed in the United States phone book except several listings for Mislanovich in Pennsylvania. There are 9 SSDI listings for Mislanovich from Pennsylvania.

There is a listing at spoe-oslip.at for Franz Merzlanovich (shown right), Mayor of SPÖ-Oslip from 1945-1948.

The Hungarian genealogy database RadixIndex has two relevant listings:

Ellis Island has a listing for Franz Merslanovitz of Oszlop, who arrived in the US in 1907 at age 31 (born circa 1876). He was going to stay with his friend Franz Machtinger at 52? W 43rd.

Find a Grave has a listing for Jos Merslonovich, who died 30 Jun 1922 and is buried in Ohio.

There is a listing for John Merlanovich or John Merzlanovich among the victims of the bombing of 16 June 1955 in Argentina.

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