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The Schottler Surname Project


Goal. The goal for the Schottler Surname Project is to identify which Schottler families are related.

Additional Objectives. Other objectives include:

Surname Variations. All surname variations are welcome to participate, such as Schotler and Shottler.

Participation. If you are interested in participating, you can order a test kit from YSEQ, order a test kit from FamilyTreeDNA, or learn more about ordering. If you are unable to participate (because you are not a direct line male descendant or because you are uncomfortable at this time) you can sponsor a test for someone else or help recruit new participants.

Schottler Families. Schottler families can be traced to the following oldest known ancestors:


Financial Information.   The Schottler Surname Project is a private undertaking for personal interest. This is not a commercial venture. No remuneration is received by any of the participants nor the project director. Participants are responsible for the purchase of a DNA test kit from YSEQ or Family Tree DNA. If funds become available in the future, reimbursements for testing shall be made on the basis determined by the body donating such funds or project lead.

Additional Information.


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