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  The Vorherr Surname Project


  • Current Surnames: Vorherr, Vorher

  • Status: seeking European, Australian, and American participants

  • Project Founded: 25 January 2010

  • Project Director: Rachel Rein

Goal. The goal for the Vorherr Surname Project is to identify which Vorherr families are related.

Additional Objectives. Other objectives include:

  • discovering living relatives in Europe, Australia, and the United States
  • proving or disproving theories regarding ancestry
  • determining ancestral homeland
  • finding locations for further genealogical research
  • validating existing research
  • solving "brick walls" in genealogical research

Origin. Vorherr is believed to be of German origin.

Surname Variations. All surname variations are welcome to participate.

Participation. If you are interested in participating, you can order a test kit from DNA Heritage or you can learn more about ordering. If you are unable to participate (because you are not a direct line male descendant or because you are uncomfortable at this time) you can sponsor a test for someone else or help recruit new participants.

Vorherr Families. Vorherr families can be traced to the following oldest known ancestors:

    from this line

    * descendants of Johannes Vorherr
    born circa 1675
    married Dorothea
    their daughter was Agnes Petronella Vorherr
    born 07 December 1716
    in Duesseldorf Stadt, Rheinland, Prussia
    religion: Catholic

    from this line

    * descendants of Eustachius Vorherr
    born circa 1686
    married Maria Katherina
    on 02 May 1708 in Wolfratshausen, Oberbayern, Bayern
    their sons were Franz Josef Vorherr
    born 03 March 1711
    in Hienheim, Niederbayern, Bayern, Germany
    and Josef Anton Vorherr
    born 16 April 1715
    in Heinheim, Niederbayern, Bayern, Germany
    and Johann Dominikus Vorherr
    born 28 March 1718
    in Heinheim, Niederbayern, Bayern, Germany
    religion: ?

    from this line

    * descendants of Johann Vorher
    born circa 1700
    married Anna Maria
    their son was Johannes Vorherr
    born 7 November 1730
    in Munsterappel, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
    religion: Lutheran and Catholic

    from this line

    * descendants of William Vorherr
    born circa 1890
    married Minna Dienell
    their son was Herman Vorherr
    born 1822 in Hanover, Germany
    emigrated to Australia
    died 1876 in Australia
    religion: ?

Links. The Vorherr's on Facebook · Vorherr at familysearch

Financial Information. The Vorherr Surname Project is a private undertaking for personal interest. This is not a commercial venture. No remuneration is received by any of the participants nor the project director(s). Participants are responsible for the purchase of a DNA test kit from Family Tree DNA, DNA Heritage, or a comperable testing company. If funds become available in the future, reimbursements for testing shall be made on the basis determined by the body donating such funds.

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