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Matching Passenger Records
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Below are the records for Gotesman. If you don't find the passenger you seek on this group of records don't give up! Many passengers' names were misspelled.

  Exact Matches (8)
  Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age on Arrival Passenger Record Ship Manifest Ship Image Family
1. Betty Gotesman        1906  19  View View View unknown
2. Dawid Gotesman    Budapest, Hungary    1907  38  View View View unknown
3. Dora Gotesman        1906  View View View unknown
4. Ester Gotesman    Chermovitz, Romania    1921  30  View View View unknown
5. Jansu Gotesman        1906  18  View View View unknown
6. Moses Gotesman    London    1901  38  View View View unknown
7. Reghina Gotesman    Chigrow, Poland    1920  17  View View View unknown
8. Sophia Gotesman    Chermovitz, Romania    1921  34  View View View unknown
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