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Gottesman DNA


Quick Statistics:

  • Project Founded: 02 February 2004

  • First Results Received: 08 August 2004

  • Latest Results Received: 04 June 2020

  • Site Last Updated: 17 January 2021

  • Participation Goal: 2 additional participants in 2021

  • DNA tests received and processed: 19

  • DNA tests pending processing: 0

  • DNA tests pending return shipment: 1

  • Gottesman lineages tested: 15 unique lineages

Goals. The goal for the Gottesman Surname Project is to identify which Gottesman families are related.

Additional Objectives. Other objectives include:

  • discovering living relatives in Europe, Israel, and the United States
  • proving or disproving theories regarding ancestry
  • determining ancestoral homeland
  • determining locations for further genealogical research
  • validating existing research
  • solving "brick walls" in genealogical research

Variations. All variations are welcome to participate. Gottesman in Russian is Готтсман. The Hebrew variations of Gottesman are Gevaryahu or גוטסמן and Yedidyah (G-d's friend or man of G-d). Other variations include Gottesmann Gottezman Gotesman Gotezman Gattesman Gattezman Gatesman Gatezman Gottsman Gotsman Gottzman Gotzsman Gattsman Gatsman Gattzman Gatzman. There is a separate DNA Surname Project for the Goetzman/Götzmann family of German origin, available at goetzmans.com

Frequency. This table shows how many tests were ordered each year. Green indicates that the test was returned to the lab and processed; yellow indicates that the test was not (yet) returned to the lab:

    Year Number of test ordered each year
    2005 1 mtDNA test ordered
    2012 1 transfer from DNAHeritage
    2014 2 FamilyFinder tests
    2016 2 transfers from DNAHeritage; 1 FamilyFinder test
    2018     1 FamilyFinder test

Galicia. Galicia is the name given to the portion of Poland which was occupied by the Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1772-1918. The Eastern portion ceded to the Ukraine after World War II. The region is known as:

  • Galicia in English
  • Galizien in Deutsch (German)
  • Galicja in Polski (Polish)
  • Галичина [Halychyna] in Українська [Ukrajins'ka] (Ukrainian)
  • Галиция [Galiciya] in Русский [Russki] (Russian)
  • Gácsország in Magyar (Hungarian)
  • Halič in Česky (Czech)
  • Galicie in Français (French)
  • Galitzia (Austriaca) / Galitzia Este in Español (Spanish)
  • Galizia in Italiano (Italian)
  • Galicio, Galizo, Galacia, Galatia
  • Austrian Poland in some Immigration Passenger Lists

The full name of the province was "Galizien und Lodomerien" in German, or "Galicia et Lodomeria" in the Latinized form.

This region should not be confused with Galicia in the northwestern corner of Spain (Galizien, Galicia, Galice, Galizia, Galicja, Galicio). This Galicia is one of Spain's 17 Autonomous Communities.

Financial Information. The Gottesman Surname Project is a private undertaking for personal interest. This is not a commercial venture. No remuneration is received by any of the participants nor the project director. Participants are responsible for the purchase of a DNA test kit from a well known testing lab. If funds become available in the future, reimbursements for testing shall be made on the basis determined by the body donating such funds. You may contribute to future Family Tree DNA tests via three payment methods.

Participation. If you are interested in participating, you can:

If you are unable to participate (because you are not a direct line male descendant or because you are uncomfortable at this time) you can:

  • sponsor a test for a Gottesman who has limited income
  • help spread the word and recruit new participants
  • provide Gottesman pedigree information for your lineage
  • sponsor a test for a Gottesman who is unable or unwilling to pay (but who is necessary to validate a family line)

Surname Frequency. Gottesman is a relatively uncommon surname. According to the 2010 US census, Gottesman ranks 19,581 in terms of frequency, up from 20,055 in 2000 and 37,919 in 1990.

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