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Czestochower Yidn (Jews of Czestochowa 1947), transliteration of index; all names, including non-Jews, etc. (2907 listings) {H}

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12431ARKIN Ben308 

Poland Survivor Radio Messages, American Jewish Archives, H277, n2 (2741 persons) {H}

-Sort-Set, folder, and imgeSurvivor surnameSurvivor given nameName of fatherOther family membersPresent addressSurvivor former residenceMessage in fullAddress for mailSurname 1 from "Message in full"Surname 2 from "Message in full"Date(s) of broadcastdate and page
11485PSRM Set 36, folder 13-H277n2, Image DSC00022.JPGWOLFELDAdolf With wife  Greetings to Erkin Franziska in CharbinWarsaw Jewi. Comm.ERKIN 29 May 19459 Jul 1945; page: 8

Poland: Register of Jewish Survivors II (Jewish Agency, 1945) {H}

-Sort-Digital file idPageSurnamesSecond surname repeated from previous columnGiven name(s)PlaceTyping notes
1136808/DSC00114.JPG8ARKIN HalinaWarszawa 
1136908/DSC00114.JPG8ARKIN JadwigaWarszawa 
1137008/DSC00114.JPG8ARKIN WiktorWarszawa 

Register of Jewish Survivors I: Lists of Jews Rescued in Different European Countries (Jerusalem, 1945; 19032 records typed) {H}

-Sort-SubdocumentSublistPageSurnameAdditional surname (from previous column)Given nameAdditional surname (from previous column)Birth year or ageBirth place or last residenceTyping notes
20241List of Jews of Polish nationality who arrived in Sweden Submitted by the World Jewish CongressList B, 31 May 1945119ORKIN Pola nee RozensztajnROZENSZTAJN1916Lodz 

Sweden: Holocaust Survivors 1945-1946, American Jewish Archives, D56/5 (16,816 rows) {H}

-Sort-Digital file idPageSeq numberSurvivor given name(s)Survivor maiden name or other surname (as in previous or next column)Survivor surnameOccupationBirthdayBirth cityLast domicileSurvivor sends greetings to-- given name(s)Survivor sends greetings to--surnameSurvivor sends greetings to--maiden name or other surname (as in previous or next column)Greetings to--PlaceOther informationTyping notes
10651DSC00139.JPG14 Pola n�e RozensztajnROZENSZTAJNORKIN 16 Dec 1916Lodz HarryTATTERSAL Haslingden/Manchester  

Sweden: Survivors 1 (9505 persons) {H}

-Sort-PageGiven name(s)Surname 1Surname 2Surname 3Maiden name 1Maiden name 2Father's given nameMother's given nameSpouse's given namePlace of birthDate of birthPlace of residencePlace of deathDate of deathNationalityComments
1215636RachelKRAUSZ  ORKIN    London05 Feb 1905   England 
16378105PorlaORKIN  ROZENSZTAJN    Lodz16 Dec 1916   Poland 

Warsaw: "Listing of the Surviving Warsaw Jews in the US Zone in Germany," Centrale fun di Warszewer Landsmanszaftn in der US Zone in Dajczland, 1948 (5859 persons) {H}

-Sort-PageSurnameGiven nameMaiden nameBirth dateResidence in Warsaw until 1 Sep 1939Father's given nameMother's given nameMother's maiden nameCurrent addressComments
1402768ROSENBERGLeib 1907 GodelGoldeORKANZiegenhain 

Warsaw: "Surviving Jews in Warsaw as of June 5th, 1945," World Jewish Archives (2523 persons) {H}

-Sort-Page numberSurnameGiven nameYear of birthAddress in 1939Present address in WarsawComments
100581ARKINWiktor1894Warsaw, Hoza 64Targowa 48 

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